Craig Leighton - Founder

   Goto Media - My Shout Out

- Over 40 year's experience in video production.

- Expertise ranging from, Shooting, Editing, Graphics 2D

   and 3D animation, Compositing.

- Delivered projects within budget and schedule for          

   Television, Broadcast, Corporate Identity, Branding,

   Social Media Marketing. 

- Content for Television, Narrowcasting, Satellite, Intranet,          Tourism, Lifestyle Videos, Sales Motivation, Team Building,      Video Education and Training Videos.

Australian Small Businesses, local retailers, and the local high-end street shops are the heart and soul of Australia.  We are eager to flaunt you to both tourists and locals alike.


Let’s Get Out And Explore Australia for Real People!

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Highlight community-based stories through a comprehensively documented video with a focus on local initiatives in sustainability, manufacturing, environmental awareness, regional farming techniques, and positive community outcomes and values. Address sensitive issues, critical processes, and innovative solutions by producing a community-level video. And highlight examples of how local efforts create social change through processes of collaboration, dialogue, and action. 


We shoot videos that comprehensively cover all the aspects of a community-based project and provide an overview of that particular issue, the community approach to solve it and its effectiveness across different spectrums. We sit down with every stakeholder involved and decide why and how to present that particular issue, what story to tell, and how to represent themselves and their community. Planning, problem-solving, highlighting innovative solutions, raising questions, generating discussion, or seeking consensus - whatever you’re trying to achieve - this service is your go-to choice.

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How would you like an Intimate 360-degree view of EACH REGION?

And not just that, you can also get a full directory of the best attractions, local businesses, street shops, and eateries for every region.


360-Degree Virtual Experience of The Local Attractions: Move over photos and videos, we have an immersive 360-degree virtual experience of all the local regions. Get a life-like feel that will get you all pumped up to visit the place!

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It’s not enough to have a product or service that solves a problem - convey your business purpose, tap into people’s emotions, and genuinely connect with your potential prospects using our videography storytelling service. In this gig, we shoot a video story about the retail business and its owner using storytelling techniques that speak to viewers in ways that numbers, data, and presentations simply can’t. 


How does the business get started? What makes your product/services unique? How does your business engage and serve the community? What’s your favourite part of doing business? And what type of customers visit your retail store? - a captivating video covering all insights and aspects that clearly communicate your story to your potential audience as a heartfelt marketing strategy. Best way to build long-lasting brand loyalty and help people believe in your business and what it stands for.